SourceBinder is a node based visual developing environment for Flash.


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The main idea behind SourceBinder is to give a lightweight framework where open source ActionScript classes and code snippets can be inserted and visually connected together to build custom Flash applications.

Inserted to the framework, the ActionScript classes become instantly "nodes" of the visual environment which can be connected together via input and output connectors representing public attributes and functions. Introducing new nodes to the system can be done by anyone, which results a rapidly expanding, community-based development environment.

 Famous rubber arrow

September 24th, 2014

Our long awaited FlashForward Award, the big rubber arrow just arrived with FedEx. It is surprisingly heavy, but makes a really good sculptureParajumpers Perfect for my desk. The only problem is that everyone would likeParajumpers Right Hand to touch it.


September 24th, 2014

Click to open composition

Click to open composition

Parajumpers New Adirondack
Parajumpers New Alaska Jacket


August 16th, 2012


 Pixelbender + SourceBinder = PixelbInder

April 24th, 2009

We prepared a little surprize fot the FITC Toronto: A new, node based visual editor for editing Pixelbender kernels.This application will be a standalone web based application, but it works000-M247 also hand in hand with SourceBinder. The application will be first showcased on the FITC, so be sure to come!

PixelBinder supports all input variable types so you can easily create 2 channel inputs for audio mixing for example. The bytecode generation is based on the HaXe pbj assembler library and was further070-350 developed for compiling purposes. The kernel files can not only be used in SourcerBinder, but can be downloaded like regular pixelbendel kernels.

PixelBinder visual editor

PixelBinder visual editor

 Try it out!

April 10th, 2009

By now, you may have noticed, that the blog was moved here, and the new dashboard took its place!
We also started giving outTB0-108invites, but until everyone got his/her activation code…

the new dashboard

the new dashboard

…we have enabled anonymous access000-120 to SourceBinder ( just click on a composition to preview it, and then click Open ), so from now on, you can try the tool (although you can’t save your compositions without a valid user account), and share your experiences!

Populate the forum, read the wiki!

 JiglibFlash physics in SourceBinder

April 9th, 2009

As we move on with our favorite toy, we added the JiglibFlash library, which although seems to be on the beginning of it’s way in the world of open0B0-107source Flash libraries, but it seems to be a very promising one. We have created five basic nodes: Jiglib Physics engine, JigShere, JigBox. JigPlane and yes Jigcar too. I have created a fairly simple composition showing a wall of boxes which will be destroyed by a bigger box falling down. The video shows the whole process000-163 starting from a simple one box setup. You can see in the video how easy it is to duplicate a bunch of nodes: when you select more nodes connected together and you also add the incomng and outgoing connector to the selection, the duplicated branch will not just be connected together like the original, but it also will be connected to the  same incoming and outgoing nodes, assuming the outgoing connector is a multiple type one. So, take a look and try it yourself:

here is the composition for you to try.

Physics made with SourceBinder using JiglibFlash and Papervision from Balazs Serenyi on Vimeo.

 SourceBinder Cloud

April 5th, 2009


SourceBinder Cloud

SourceBinder Cloud

 Next Stop: Toronto

February 16th, 2009
FITC Toronto

FITC Toronto 2009

If you missed getting a ticket to the FITC Amsterdam don’t be sad, although it will probably be the biggest freakin tech event around, but there is soon another one to come: the FITC Toronto will be in aprill this year, from 25 to 28. And this time you better hurry with the tickets: Early Bird pricing ends this wendsday  at midnight. And before i forgot to mention SourceBinder will be there to, as i have been invited to show our thing to the other hemisphere too.

 New SourceBinder FP10 on the way!

January 23rd, 2009

With today, all content for SourceBinder and FlashFilterLab is has been moved to a brand new server. The old server was way too overloaded. This step is the first on the way to the SourceBinder public release. With the server transfer there might be things screwed up. If you encounter any weirdness please let us know.

The next step will be the private test of the new refactored redesigned flash-player-10-SourceBinder. This step will be due on the beginning of February.  We plan to invite some lucky people already on the waiting list for this event. Put a comment here if you would like to be there ;) !

Till the new Binder is out, the current version of SourceBinder will be frozen. That means users (already invited) will not be able to make/save compositions and nodes.  Old compositions will be still available for viewing.

Along with the new SourceBinder release we are redesigning which will act as a community site and as the dashboard for the upcoming SourceBinder era.  The design is not final, but i will put it here, so you can have a look and make comments, suggestions on it.

Sourcebinder's new cloth

Sourcebinder's new cloth

 Refactoring and a little flint experiment

January 9th, 2009

Although it could look as there would be not to much happening with SourceBinder these days, but i can ensure you: we are heavily working to get SourceBinder into public beta for February. In case you have missed it: SourceBinder will be introduced in Amsterdam on the FITC. And i can tell you we have a long long way to go. Currently the whole source code is going through a refactoring which was already quite necessary since it evolved from a prototype which we made for the Flashconference last year. But refactoring is a good opportunity to re-think the whole environment with interaction design and simplicity kept in mind. Hopefully i can make a post soon on the new killer feature which is to simplify the quite difficult task of putting together compositions.

To keep you patient while waiting to lay hands on our shiny thing i made a composition public which i made using the cool Flint particle library and of course Papervision. Flint is really just ideal to be put into sourcebinder: there are so many classes to try out which a huge variety of settings. In this composition i made a little twist on a typical particle setup: the initial particle positions are derived from a DisplayObject3D-s vertex positions.


Spacetime composition

Click on the image to open the composition in preview mode.

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 Spheres dancing in the fog

October 17th, 2008

Working with a software that is in development state is a quite unpleasant thing to do. The lack of documentation, features changing from day to day, bugs on every corner and such things are the common attributes of development releases. As SourceBinder of course makes no exception from that, it makes it even more astonishing to see what some users get out of it. As a matter of fact there are only few better things to do, than to watch compositions that were made with our tool. And ever since we have invited the first few alpha users, there has been one guy who always manages to draw our attention with his compositions and that not only because of his commitment and enthusiasm. So this post goes to Stevie, and his dancing spheres composition. Keep it going mate!

Oh, before i forget! The tiny black window is our new feature to enable composition creators to choose any attribute that “makes” a composition. Those published attributes automaticaly appear in this control to enable the viewer to try out the unlimited variations one can get.

Sound visualization

 Design. Technology. Cool Shit – FITC

September 26th, 2008

Things are getting exciting these days: we have been invited to present SourceBinder at the FITC Amsterdam 2009. The conference will be held in February 2009, so be sure to check in if you are around somewhere. We have a lot of ideas how to make the presentation a live tutorialParajumpers Truman performance, but i can’t tell you more right now. The timing by the way seems just to be perfect, February should be the month to release a publicParajumpers UGO version of Binder. There are quite a lot of things to do but it should be possible.

Anyway, have a look at the speakers list from the conference, what a cool selection. More info about the conference:

FICT Amsterdam

FICT Amsterdam

 The famous rubber arrow

September 20th, 2008

Our long awaited Flash Forward Award, the big rubber arrow just arrived with FedEx. It is surprisingly heavy, but makes a really good sculpture for my desk. The only problem is that everyoneParajumpers Outlaw Parajumpers Owner would like to touch it. Have a look instead..

Flash Forward Festival Award

Flash Forward Festival Award

 The Countdown has begun!

September 9th, 2008

Finally, we can start giving away alpha invitations today. We will gradually invite everyone to test SourceBinder, so get ready and wait for that special email =)Parajumpers New Arches Jacket
Parajumpers New Denali Jacket

 GeoRSS in 3D action – Highly innovative software engineering

September 5th, 2008

We had the honour to present SourceBinder at an EU conference about the future of ICT in Budapest. The title of our presentation was “Highly innovative software engineering“. As we did not had time so far to create complex applications with SourceBinder to proove how good our framework is to prototype applications, we had to create one very fast. We started  one day before the conference so it was a nice challenge. Our goal was to create an application that visualize images put on a yahoo maps based geo tagging service, (sorry its in Hungarian) Our company made this system for a well known hungarian news portal, and with it’s service anyone can send MMS messages from Robe demoiselle d’honneur rose hungary to a given phone number and based on the location that we get from the GSM cell information, the system puts the images right on the map. Images can be uploaded and put on the map as well.  More info in english about this sytem can be found here:

Alright but back to the topic, the whole thing got ready 3 minutes before my
Robe demoiselle d’honneur violette presentation was due. I can tell, that was perfect timing.  But i can not complain, with the fact that such an application was ready in less than 1.5 days is a quite good proof on rapid protoyping.

The protoype. Drag, zoom to navigate, click on thumb to fly

The protoype: drag, zoom to navigate, click on thumbs to fly

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